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Asger Juul Brunshøj

Master of Science in Engineering

My specialty is efficient and scalable algorithms & data structures.


I graduated from DTU with a Master's Degree in Mathematical Modelling and Computation.

I am a fast learner with a willingness to pick up new technologies. I am capable of independent work, yet I value the opportunity to work closely with a team of skilled colleagues whom I can learn from.

I was born in 1990. I live in Kongens Lyngby.


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My Toolbox

My specialty is efficient and scalable algorithms & data structures.

Some of my favourite tools:

  • Git
  • Rust
  • Linux
  • Python 3

Additional skills:

Practical understanding of cryptography.

Web UI (HTML/CSS/JS) and GUI development.

CPU and GPU parallelization.

Spoken Languages

Language Proficiency
Danish Mother tongue
English Fluent in writing and speech


Front End Software Engineer
Sep 2016 to

I am the lead developer of an Angular 2 based web client for the start-up company getQueried. The client is scheduled for launch in the 4th quarter of 2016.

Teaching Assistant
Sep 2012 to June 2016

I worked as a teaching assistant of several courses while studying at DTU. Primarily in courses on algorithms & datastructures, and structural engineering.

Open Source Contribution
July 2014 to Oct 2014

Storj is a blockchain-based, end-to-end encrypted, distributed object storage.

My primary contribution to the project was GUI programming of a cross-platform client.
Additional contributions include editing of the original whitepaper.

Office Work
Nov 2009 to Feb 2010

DANBIT A/S is a Danish computer consultant company.

I worked as a proofreader and editor of their product catalogue.


Master Degree from DTU - Mathematical Modelling and Computation.
Sep 2014 to July 2016

Official title: Master of Science in Engineering (Mathematical Modelling and Computation).

Courses and grades as PDF.

Master's Thesis

Title: Scalable Plagiarism Detection.

Supervisors: Philip Bille, Inge Li Gørtz, David Kofoed Wind.

The focus of my master's thesis is the design of efficient and scalable algorithms for automatic plagiarism detection. The system was implemented and deployed as part of the project. It is self-contained with an API. The system is used by Peergrade.
The project report is confidential, and cannot be made available here.

Bachelor Degree from DTU - Architectural Engineering.
Sep 2010 to July 2014

Official title: Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Architectural Engineering).

Courses and grades as PDF.

Bachelor's Thesis

Title: Visualization of Beams with Coupled Bending and Torsion Vibrations.

Supervisor: Jan Becker Høgsberg.

Beams with cross sections that are not symmetric on both axes exhibit coupled bending and torsion vibrations. I solved the coupled partial differential equations of motion in order to build a MATLAB program. The program allows students to get a feel for coupled vibrations by visualizing the vibrations for different settings and parameters.

Report as PDF.

Program as a ZIP.